You've got questions; we've got answers. Here you'll find answers to all manner of questions regarding ExamMarker, its usage, accounts and more.

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How much does ExamMarker cost?

ExamMarker subscriptions start from £25.60*(Exam Master subscription*) per full exam paper marked with qualified video teacher feedback that is approximately 20 minutes of video feedback, in total, per exam paper.

We have a range of different packages to suit your child’s learning needs. Our packages are superb value when compared to the cost of private tuition, whilst still preparing your child for their GCSE exams in the best way possible!

What are marking credits?

Our marking credits refer to the number of times you can get a full exam paper marked and receive video feedback from our teachers. So if you have 6 credits you can get 6 full exam papers marked.

All marking credits have a time limit, so once you have purchased your marking credits it is important to make full use of them within the given time scale. For example, if you purchase our Exam Supremo package, you get 6 marking credits that must be used within a 2 month period.

The time restrictions are in place to allow us to follow the structure of a school year and ensure that usage is contained within separate school years, due to exam paper specifications changing from year to year. This allows us to adjust our content and delivery over the summer break ensuring we are always up to date.

What payment methods do you take?

Our secure payments gateway accepts all major debit and credit cards.

How long do subscriptions last for?

An ExamMarker subscriptions vary in length depending on your child's revision requirements and is activated from the date you first purchase an exam package. From there you’ll have access to all our exam papers and revision videos.

Our exam marking packages have different time scales depending on the package and number of credits you choose. For example, our Exam Expert package has 13 marking credits and a 4-month subscription length from the date of purchase. You can purchase more credits once a subscription expires to allow for continued use.

What happens when my credits run out?

You will be notified and if you would like more credits you can simply go to your account and follow the same process as before by choosing one of our subscription packages again to top up your credits.

How do I cancel my account?

We understand that when you come to the end of your exams you probably won’t be needing ExamMarker.
Remember though you only pay for the credits that you use. So if you wanted to, you could keep your account running, with no fee to pay unless you wanted stuff marking; you may want to use us again for A Levels!

However, if you did want to cancel your account, please contact us and we'll take it from there.

Although, we want to do everything in our power to limit your reason for cancelling. So if there's any problem we can help with, don't ever hesitate to contact us and we will do our best to serve your needs.


What is ExamMarker?

Our service provides students with easy and convenient access to practice exam papers via their mobile device, with personalised, qualified teacher feedback aligned to the latest mark schemes and specifications.

This allows students to clearly see what the examiner is looking for in each question and what to include in their answers to achieve the highest marks possible.

Our teachers show why and where mistakes have been made and demonstrate exactly what to do get it right the next time, in a constructive, encouraging way!

Which subjects and exam boards does ExamMarker cover?

Our service provides students with AQA style practice exam papers for GCSE English, Maths and Science, in video format, for them to practise with ease and accessibility from their mobile device.

Our exam videos also feature teacher guidance, offering students additional support for when answering their questions.

On top of this, we offer students the ‘Send Us Your Exam’ option, which allows students to upload ANY exam paper/question from ANY exam board, for GCSE and A level English, Maths and Science, that they want marking and teacher feedback on.

Whom is ExamMarker for?

ExamMarker is for students who are looking to improve their GCSE and A Level grades in English, Maths and Science, to ensure they are prepared and full of confidence when walking into their real exams.

We cater to students of all abilities and levels, including foundation and higher, and our teachers provide appropriate and personalised exam support in accordance with student ability, ensuring they reach their full potential.

It's not just practice that makes perfect, its practice PLUS teacher feedback that really helps students improve and perform at their best when it matters most.

Simply put, ALL students need to master the skill of answering exam questions!

How do I access the exam papers?

Our AQA style practice exam papers are available in video format via your mobile device, making exam practice easily accessible no matter where you are, taking away the inconvenience of having to print off past papers.

To gain access to our papers simply subscribe to one of our exam packages and then access them through your ExamMarker navigational homepage.

Alternatively, you can send us any exam paper or question that you would like marking and feedback on, and our teachers will provide personalised video feedback.

Can I trust the quality of your content?

Yes! The founder and curator of ExamMarker is a former headteacher of a secondary school with many years of experience helping students learn in the best ways possible.

The Qualified teachers marking and providing your feedback in English, Maths and Science are also highly experienced and several, are former Heads of Departments in their respective schools.

Who's behind ExamMarker?

The idea of ExamMarker was created by a group of teachers that included two former headteachers, an assistant principal, a head of Maths and a head of Science. They’ve all had an input in the creation of our content and will also be part of the marking team at ExamMarker.

In addition, over 50 people across three continents, from educational experts to real GCSE students, have helped create ExamMarker to ensure that it is a high-quality educational service that meets students’ various learning needs.


How do I get started?

It’s very simple…
1) Go to ‘Join’ and create an account
2) Choose your exam package
3) Complete the account process and set up the subscription
4) Go to your ExamMarker homepage and start your exam practice

How to use ExamMarker?

It’s easy too!
1) Choose the subjects and papers that you need to practice. You will have access to mock exam video questions and downloadable answer sheets to write your answers on.
2) Once complete, you simply take a photo of your answers and upload your photo evidence via your mobile device straight to Exammarker which gets sent immediately to one of our experienced qualified teachers.
3) Then in a just a few short days, your answers will be marked and analysed by a qualified teacher, which includes personalised video feedback showing exactly what you may have missed, providing you with an explanation of that key topic to make sure you know how to improve for next time.

What are Exam Only videos?

The Exam Only videos are basically the exam questions in video format, for you to watch and answer at your own pace, with no audio help.

This style of video is suited for when you are familiar with particular questions and want to move quickly, and also when you want to practice your exam answering skills under real-life exam conditions, such as answering the questions independently and involving timed conditions.

When watching an Exam Only style video, the video will show the questions quickly, so be sure to pause the video on the question you want to answer to allow yourself time to write your answers down.

What are Teacher Guided videos?

The Teacher Guided videos provide you with help on understanding each question and also useful tips on how to answer each question. This style of video is helpful for when you are perhaps a little unsure of a question or when needing a reminder to help rejog your memory around a particular topic.

When watching a Teacher Guided video, best practice is to pause the video after listening to the teacher’s advice for a particular question and then write down your answer immediately afterwards to ensure their advice is fresh in your mind. You can, of course, replay the question as many times as you like to help with your understanding.

Once you have written down your answer, press play and listen to the next question, and then repeat this process for the rest of the questions until the whole video is completed.

What is ‘Send Us Your Exam’?

This feature allows you to send us ANY exam paper or question from ANY exam board, for GCSE and A level English, Maths and Science, that you would like marking and teacher feedback on.

Then in a just a few short days, your answers will be marked and analysed by a qualified teacher, which includes personalised video feedback showing exactly what you may have missed, providing you with an explanation of that key topic to make sure you know how to improve for next time.

How do I upload my answers?

Once you have finished watching an exam video and are happy with your answers, you can upload them to our system ready for marking by one of our dedicated teachers.

Firstly, click the upload button under the video. Then take a picture of your answers using your mobile device. Please ensure that when you are taking a photo that the lighting is good and your work is clear to see. Avoid taking at an angle, instead ensure your phone is directly over your work and that the page fits nicely with your camera screen. If you need to add more photos of your answer, just repeat this process until everything is uploaded.

Finally, once everything has been uploaded, you can then submit your work for marking. Please be sure that you are 100% happy with your answers, as once you agree to submit you won't be able to add more work for that particular exam video.

How do I access my teacher feedback?

When your feedback is ready, you will receive an email notifying you and will be able to access the feedback from there.

On top of this, your feedback will also be stored on your assessment page. This will be identified by a green square on your progress bar under the specific exam videos you have watched.

This feedback never leaves your account, so you have access to this feedback for whenever you feel you may need to revisit your learning. You can re-watch the feedback videos as many times as you like to ensure you fully understand how to improve for next time.

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