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Key benefits for exam success:

  • Identifies topics that your child needs to focus on - Crucial for improvement!
  • Builds your child’s resilience and performance under pressure - Essential in becoming Exam-Ready!
  • Improves your child’s knowledge and ability to recall information - Key to maximising marks!

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We know there is nothing more important to you than your child's future...

Our mission is to ensure your child achieves exam success in their GCSEs. Our service provides your child with an abundance of exam practice and personalised support from our experienced teachers building confidence and creating a sound bank of knowledge with which to approach their exams. We liken it to the preparation of an actor, constantly rehearsing to ensure they give their greatest performance on a show's opening night! There’s nothing worse than the feeling of uncertainty when it really matters; what we offer is the antidote to that feeling.

At ExamMarker we believe every child, no matter their background deserves the best opportunity to be successful in their education. However, we know the extra support that is needed through items such as private tuition comes at a hefty price, making it difficult for parents to support their child fully in the way they wish. Our sole purpose is to help students succeed while offering parents excellent value for money in a range of supportive learning services. We're very proud to have already helped thousands of students pass their exams and look forward to helping your child do the same.

Creates certainty in your child's outcomes - reducing worries for you and your child!

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