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Builds your student’s resilience and performance under pressure!


Support with their workloads - ExamMarker helps to alleviate some of that extra workload pressure teachers regularly experience with their GCSE students, with our own qualified teachers taking on a portion of the big task of making sure your year 11’s are exam ready!

Peace of mind - not only does our service help to reduce your teacher’s workloads and support their student data tracking but also provides reassurances that our service was created by a former headteacher and actively run, day to day, by qualified teaching staff.

More time to teach - Our service allows more time for your teachers to concentrate on what they are passionate about and spent years training to do... teach! Being able to dedicate more time to innovative lesson planning and extra energy injected into delivering high quality lessons can only help to improve things holistically.


New exam papers every month - never before seen exam papers for English, Maths and All Sciences, with 3 exams marked with feedback every month. All papers are accompanied with video previews to help your students answer each question confidently.

Exams marked by expert subject teachers - Your students exam papers will be looked at by qualified and highly experienced subject teachers, ensuring any errors will be highlighted and advised on next steps.

Personalised and detailed video feedback - all feedback on your student’s exam papers will be directed back specifically to your student, through a personalised video, in a constructive and sensitive way to ensuring encouragement and confidence building at all times!

Above all, ExamMarker is a way for teachers to support teachers!

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